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Bug Detectors

Bug detectors are your only safest and trustworthy allies against hi-tech wiretapping on your private conversations. Your privacy need not suffer intrusion of any kind. With Spy Associates portable and stationary surveillance bug detector systems, all spying gadgets and devices are detected and spotted before they can operate. They are highly sensitive electronic bug detectors that sweep clean your immediate area of bugs, generate noise to frustrate electronic eavesdropping, or secure your phone conversations from bugging attempts.

Best Bug Detectors
Best Bug Detectors
Best Camera Finders
Best Camera Finders
Cell Phone & GPS Detector
Cell Phone & GPS Detector
Phone Security
Phone Security
Premier Countersurveillance
Premier Countersurveillance


Bug Detectors

Are you worried that your private conversations are being secretly recorded?

Our electronic bug detectors provide silent notification of any body worn or motionless “bugs” in your presence, as well as phone taps and covert & hidden cameras.

Keep Your Information Safe

If you suspect that your private conversations are being recorded secretly, don’t worry as you can keep your information safe by simply using one of our high quality bug detectors. It is true that hidden surveillance has become popular because of remarkable technological innovations. Our electronic bug detectors provide silent notifications when they detect any kind of body worn devices, phone taps, hidden cameras or motionless bug devices around you. Our bug detectors are impossible to detect and our counter surveillance systems are invaluable.

Our organization is well-known for offering a range of affordable, portable and stationary long-range surveillance bug detectors systems which enable you to know about the presence of any kind of spy systems including body bugs, tape recorders, video transmitters, body beepers, cell phones and other such devices. Using our expertise, we have designed these devices to enable you to detect hidden or covert monitoring devices, whether audio or video, from up to 500 feet.

We are premium providers of hand held bug detector sweep kits which are the best audio transmitters locators and highly efficient Video & GPS Tracker Bug Detectors. We strive to provide you with ultimate protection through our highly effective devices including phone security and cell phone & GPS detector that help you to identify people who are trying to bug you at home, office or even in car. We also provide noise generatorswhich make it very difficult for wiretaps or digital recorders to record your most private conversations.


Since hidden surveillance technology has grown in popularity and technological innovations have made covert surveillance nearly impossible to detect, these counter-surveillance systems can prove invaluable. We offer a wide array of affordable, portable and stationary long-range surveillance bug detector systems that can identify the presence of spy systems including room, phone, body bugs, video transmitters, tape recorders, bumper beepers, GPS vehicle tracking devices, and more.

These devices are extra sensitive and are designed to detect hidden or covert audio and/or video monitoring devices from up to 500 feet! All bug detectors come with complete easy-to-read instructions, as well as plugs and adapters, headphones rechargeable battery packs, and carrying cases (when applicable). Certain models also include auto sensitivity adjustments to eliminate transient RF (radio frequency) signals, output jacks to record detected sound.


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  • Handheld Portable Audio Scrambler White Noise Generator

    Noise Generators

    Noise generators are a form of counter-surveillance that employ an audio masking sound which desensitizes bugs and other hidden listening devices.

    More Noise Generators







    Phone Security

    Phone security devices are similar to other counter-surveillance measures that protect your private phone conversations from being overheard, recorded, and/or monitored.

    More Phone Security








Miniature spy equipment does the most efficient covert spying or anti-spying activities so far. And you can count on them to always tell the truth; they never lie or double-cross in the end. Just like our spy equipment and surveillance products which are among those preferred by police and government agencies in the US for covert operations. No matter how sophisticated most bugging detector systems have become, we have apt surveillance equipment to match them.

Long Range Capacity

Our anti-bugging devices, incidentally, are hard to detect.  You can rest assured that, as you use them—portable or stationary long-range--they won’t be detected in turn by other devices. On the other hand, ours have the capacity to discover hidden gadgets up to 500 feet away: transmitters, cams, body beepers, tape recorders, and similar devices. Moreover, they have silent alerts that enable you to use them even amid a crowd; they won’t hear a thing.

For instance, Spy Matrix PRO SWEEP, a portable mobile-phone-like gadget, easily traces wired and wireless cams in your room or area, as well as wireless mics, transmitters of any kind, and any GPS tracker. For stationary long-range devices the CPM 700, a counter-surveillance broadband receiver and portable sweep kit in a suitcase, is ideal with audio amplifier and a dynamic range of 100dB.

Anti-Bug Noise Generators

Eavesdroppers may have the latest spying gadget that can catch the slightest conversations and remain fully undetected, but what good can it do if all it gets is loud, unintelligible noise? We offer the latest noise generators that effectively frustrate all uses of listening equipment or systems. Our Multi Channel Professional Acoustic Noise Generator is an amazing example. It puts an electronic noise barrier around you to defeat electronic eavesdropping but lets you enjoy your conversation in a quiet immediate environment.

Secure Phones

To further secure landline or smartphone conversations, we highly recommend getting our phone security gadgets, like the Cell Phone Encryption Scrambler which effectively blocks eavesdropping attempts and foils wiretapping. With our line of powerful debugging and noise-generating equipment, no spy gear or tool options, no matter if they’re state-of-the-art covert and hidden cameras or mics, can escape the sharp sensitivity of our counter-espionage products.

Other Products

Bug detectors can go well with our GPS tracking offers to make sure you are clean of any spying or GPS tracker yourself. For instance, partner our Spy Matrix Pro Sweep with our Spy Matrix Pro GPS real-time tracking device. This makes sure that no vehicle tracking device is being used against you as you GPS-track a suspect with a powerful covert GPS tracking system.


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