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EZ Nav GPS Navigator: Navigation GPS with Covert GPS Tracking

Price : $599.00
Item #:      ABB/EZNAV


EZ Nav GPS Navigator: All-In-One Navigation GPS with Covert GPS Tracking & 2-Way Communication Device


EZ Nav GPS Navigator: Navigation GPS with Covert GPS Tracking  
This is the Hottest GPS Technology
in the Live Vehicle Tracking Industry
that w

From The Industry LEADER in LIVE Tracking

Introducing the World's First Covert GPS Tracker Hidden Inside a NAVIGATION UNIT

Nobody will ever know!!!


The NEW EZ Nav GPS is the newest Radical Unit offered in GPS navigation that can TRACK in Real Time

EZ Nav GPS Navigator: Navigation GPS with Covert GPS Tracking 

Turn by Turn Directions & Turn by Turn GPS Tracking - ALL IN ONE

You can watch your device move across the screen Live in Real Time as it happens.....Just like in the movies. How do we know?

We supply the Movie Industry with this leading technology for your enjoyment on TV & Movies already!

This is TRULY THE # 1 Real Time GPS Tracking Solution in the Industry today!

Look at this mapping

It's just Incredible


Pure Satellite Imagery

Real Time GPS Tracking Screenshots




EZ Nav GPS Offers Unlimited Real-Time 10 Second GPS Tracking Updates & Sends GPS Navigation Routes Remotely from any Computer Browser

  • GPS Tracker Hidden Inside is a Fully Functional Touch Screen Navigation System
  • Alert Notifications can be sent via SMS or Email
  • Send/Receive Messages Directly On The Device for Fleet Management
  • Set Destinations & Re-route Vehicles From The Web ** Amazing Time Saving Function
  • Completely Covert Sent w/ 2 Separate Manuals: 1 Tracking, 1 Navigation
  • Navigation Extras: Live Weather Reports, Points Of Interests, with many additional features.

No contracts ever, unlimited service!

One Time Activation Fee is WAIVED

A $75.00 Instant Savings! 

Click Below on Free Live Demo Link FREE LIVE DEMO


EZ Nav GPS Allows User to Covertly Track Vehicles:
This unit is a "Fully Functional" Navigation System that DOUBLES as a Covert GPS Tracker!

The is the very first Navigational System that also has GPS Tracking pre-built in.
This Newest Technology will take your business, personal, tracking, and navigation needs to the next level.

Using our web-based platform you will easily have the ability to check on your vehicle's location at anytime.
Keeping employee productivity in check and eliminating wasted time.

Now you can keep tabs on your Children, Spouse, or Employees and actually see where they are going in real time.
Check their driving habits discretely from your Computer anytime.

Nobody but you will know that this navigation system is covertly tracking their every move.

Best Uses For Real Time Live GPS Vehicle Tracking

  • Security Companies - Know the exact location of all your security patrol officers
  • Fleet Management - Know the exact location of your entire fleet and company vehicles
  • Mid to Large Size Companies - Know the exact location of all your salesmen and service technicians.
  • Law Enforcement - Know the exact location to determine where the nearest response officers are located for rapid deployment.
  • Rental Vehicles - Know the exact location of your rental vehicles for recovery if required.
  • Hazardous or Critical Cargo - Know the exact location of critical cargo at all times as they are moving.
  • Personal Vehicles - Know the exact location of where your personal vehicles are now and where they have been through out the day, week or month.
  • Monitoring Teenagers - Know the exact location of your teenage drivers and where they are at all times. Knowing their speed and driving habits can save their lives and your insurance.

All Units are shipped with two manuals, one for the user of the car that has no mention of the tracking features and one for the real owner of this device.

This is the first Web ready Navigation System/GPS Tracking device Custom built into one easy-to-use device. Completely Covert and will never be discovered for what it really is!!!

EZ Nav GPS Covert GPS Tracking Features:

  • Complete Covert GPS Tracking in Real-Time
  • 2 Way Real-Time Messaging allows communication directly w/ device anytime
  • Push Routing - Ability to reroute vehicles using any computer w/ Internet access
  • Speed Zone Alerts - get SMS message or Email alert if vehicle exceeds a defined speed
  • Safety Zone Alerts (GeoFence) - get SMS message or Email alert if vehicle goes outside designated area
  • Reckless Driving Report
  • Complete 90 day Driving History
  • Unlimited Tracking w/ No Contracts
  • No Software To Install - Arrives complete with everything you need to get started.
  • Skype Integration - allows you to click on a vehicle and dial the driver´s cell number through your PC with a SKYPE headset.
  • Complete Reporting w/ 90 Day History - review activity for up to 90 days.

Benefits are Simple: NO CONTRACT EVER!
Monthly Subscription Fee:
$39.95 Monthly - Unlimited Use/ NO CONTRACT

One Time Service Activation Charge is WAIVED : Instant

$75 Savings per device

No Long Term Contracts! No Hidden Fees Ever! Works Worldwide!

(Best Experience of Live Demo if you Open a NEW INTERNET EXPLORER WINDOW from Desk Top and COPY & PASTE this link:

See For Yourself! Check out the Live Demo

With our system you log onto the tracking website secured with your very own User Name & Password and instantly you will be remotely tracking your vehicles from your computer.

It's that easy!
Need to track your 16-year old who got his/her license last week? Not a problem. You can even see how fast they're driving when you're not in the car with them.

Need to watch your Nanny with your kids? Not a problem, now you will know every step she makes!

Great for Special Needs Patients & Great for Patients with Alzheimer's

The possibilities are endless!!!

You can get Email Alerts or Cell Phone Alerts when the vehicle is outside a zone defined by you or even when a speed limit parameter defined by you is broken

You want to know where it is now!

Guide your employees, family members, or yourself to any destination with turn-by-turn voice directions and navigation.

Communicate directly with drivers while lost or misdirected

Effortlessly Track your device with the click of a mouse

The MOST AFFORDABLE and Easy to Use Navigation/Tracking System on the Planet!

  • One-touch navigation
  • Send directions from your computer to the navigation system
  • Reports provide start / stop times, individual and enhanced vehicles reports
  • Shows location, speed, even the direction the vehicle is facing
  • User-defined virtual fences send SMS text message on entry / exit
  • SMS text messages for Speed Alerts
  • SMS text messages for Idle Notification
  • Geocoding, address look up, integrated address manager and more
  • Variable zoom, detailed maps and aerial imagery
  • Supports up to 500 GPS Trackers on a single map, track unlimited vehicles
  • 90 days of history, reports, and speed alerts
  • Historical reanimation of trips forward and backward
  • Maps of Continental US, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Canada, and Alaska available
  • Text to speech driving directions in USA English Male, USA English Female, Spanish Male, Spanish Female, French Canadian Male, and French Canadian Female
  • 2d and 3d map views


• CPU: SIRF Atlas-III, Dual Core
• Memory: Built-In 4 GB Resident Flash
• Display: 4.3" TFT LCD
• Aspect Ratio: 16:9
• Resolution: 480 X 272
• GPS Receiver: SIRF Atlas III
• Antenna: Built-In
• Touch Panel: Resistive Type Touch Panel
• Speaker: Built-In Speaker
• Buttons/Switches: Power On/Off, Reset
• LED Indicator: Yes
• Battery: Rechargeable Li-Polymer 1400 mAh
• Car Charger: DC +12V Certifications: FCC
• Dimensions: 5" L x 3" W x .5" D
• Operating Temperature: 32 Degrees F - 122 Degrees F
• Humidity: 0 - 90%, Non-Condensing
• Operating System: Microsoft Windows CE .Net 5.0 Core Version

Simply put, EZ Nav GPS delivers the goods where the others fall short.

We don't deliver a product that gives you 10- or 15-minute updates, and try to pass it off as "near real time" while charging twice the price.

What good does it do to know where your resources were 15 minutes ago?

At EZ Nav GPS, our systems are built around a 10-second update.

When we say live, we mean live

We know who our competition is. And we know their products - intimately. We know how their technology works, and we know what they charge for it.

You won't find a better, more cost-effective, or more reliable system anywhere on the market.

Our products are built rugged for prolonged use - relied on daily by some of the most demanding clients you can imagine - in environments where even a moment of downtime can mean the difference between life and death.

Our Promise to You
Our promise to you: If our system doesn't perform as promised - for any reason - simply return it in its original packing material within thirty (30) days for a full refund. It's that simple.

Ask our competitors to honor our guarantee. Better still, ask them to give you10 second updates. And then listen to them stutter.

It won't happen because they CAN'T.

100% Guaranteed Satisfaction or your Money Back



• EZ Nav GPS Unit (1)
• 12V DC Power Adapter
• Mounting Cradle
• Mounting Bracket
• Instruction Manuals

If you want the BEST Tracking for the most Economical and Affordable Pricing......... Then Look No Further!

This is the Most Accurate Tracking in the Industry

We Specialize in Live Vehicle Tracking Systems,
Navigation Systems, Live Video Monitoring Systems,
911 Emergency Dispatch Products and other tools for Law Enforcement, Fire Departments, and Ambulance Services across the heart of Middle America.

Our live vehicle tracking systems are installed at the heart of some of the largest 911 Emergency dispatch centers in the US.

Now we're bringing our Live GPS Vehicle Tracking technology to the mainstream, putting it within easy reach of every small commercial fleet in America.

Call Us Toll Free Anytime 1-888-288-0543

or Email Us Anytime
We answer emails 7 days a week

Retail Price: $899.00
You Save 33%

Our Sale Price: $599.00

Buy It Today & Start Tracking !

EZ Nav GPS Navigator: Navigation GPS with Covert GPS Tracking EZ Nav GPS Navigator: Navigation GPS with Covert GPS Tracking EZ Nav GPS Navigator: Navigation GPS with Covert GPS Tracking
EZ Nav GPS Navigator: Navigation GPS with Covert GPS Tracking    
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 $599.00  Qty:

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