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Spy Matrix® PRO SWEEP Bug Detector Wire Tap & GPS Detector Sweep

Trusted by Law Enforcement Worldwide. #1 Portable Handheld Bug Sweep

Price : $495.00
Item #:      SA-DD801




Spy Matrix PRO SWEEP Bug Detector, Wire Tap & GPS Detector Sweep

Trusted by Law Enforcement Worldwide. #1 Portable Handheld Bug Sweep

Provides Ultimate Protection!

Are You Bugged?

Being Tracked by GPS?

Specially Built to our High Standards of Quality & Performance Effectiveness!

#1 Best Seller for Vehicle Home, or Office Protection!




Spy Matrix PRO SWEEP TCSM Sweep Kit

4 1/4" x 2 1/4" x 1"


Wired and Wireless Cameras
Wireless Mics
Audio Transmitter Bugs
Video Transmitter Transmitters
GPS tracking (only when device is transmitting signal)
All Wireless / Transmitter Bugs

Item: Spy Matrix PRO SWEEP

Retail Price: $799.00

You Save: 38%

Only $495 Complete!



If you work or are in a relationship with anyone who works (or has worked) for any kind of military, governmental, law enforcement or judicial agency You Are VERY Likely BUGGED!

Additionally... anybody with Money, Power, Influence, or access to sensitive, classified, or personal information is at serious personal risk.

Such eavesdropping can come from either side of the law, and is rarely legal or court sanctioned.

It seems that everywhere we turn . . everywhere we go . . someone is watching or listening-in to our private conversations.

And, with each day that passes, the numbers of "watchers" and "listeners" seems to grow and grow.

Today's advances in eavesdropping technology now allow just about anyone to become an eavesdropper. And for many, it seems just too tempting to resist.

TheyAll Are Using It.....

Husbands, Wives, Neighbors, PrivateInvestigators, Businesses andGovernment...

Our Spy Matrix Pro Sweep Bug Detector Will DetectAND Locate All Major Eavesdropping Bugs and Taps Including:

GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices

All Types of Concealed Transmitters

Hidden Video Cameras (Spy-Cams)

Computer and FAX Eavesdropping Transmitters

"Series" and "Parallel" Telephone Transmitters

Bumper Beepers & , Body Worn Transmitters


Do you know how many different ways predators could be spying on you right now?

38 federal law enforcement agencies revealed that you could be spied on by any of the following methods:

71% - Audio Interception and Wired Microphones
60% - Miniature Audio Transmitters
43% - Electronic Beepers, Tracking Devices, and Sensors
40% - Telephone Wire Taps, Recorders, and Pen Registers
17% - Computer Usage Monitoring
17% - Electronic Mail Monitoring
14% - Cellular Radio Interception
11% - Satellite Interception
83% - Closed Circuit Television/Covert Video
68% - Still Photography
63% - Night Vision Systems

In order to minimize damage caused by tapping and interception devices, we have launched an integrated solution that is equipped with both tapping AND detection.

Spy Matrix PRO SWEEP Bug Detector Lets You Detect AND Prevent

- wireless tapping devices with or without with VOX function
- wireless cameras
- wired cameras
- telephone taps (wired and IP phones)
- tapping device for vehicles
- GPS vehicle position finder
- laser tapping

This is NOT. . . just another "Bug Detector" - Includes Mic Audio White Noise Generator that prevents anyone from "Listening-In" or Recording any Sensitive Conversations you wish to protect from any Eavesdropping!


Convenient "At A Glance" View Layout

Conveniently view all information "at a glance" such as:

Location of Tapping Device

How Device is Detected

Tap Warning Indicators


Prevents What Spies Are Hearing

The Spy Matrix Pro Sweep receives the signals picked up from...

Wireless Tapping Devices

Wireless Hidden Cameras

Telelphone Lines...

and allows for "Instant Detection"

Also has "Built In" Audio Scrambler White Noise Generator Function for Complete Conversation Privacy



Easy Handling and Operation

Discreetly control device with one thumb...

Easy On/OFF

Single button select for all 6 detection modes

▲▼Easy access volume increase/decrease



Detects All Bug Types

The Spy Matrix Pro Sweep now offers increased radio frequency range, so you can detect frequencies from 10MHz up to 8GHz.Enables youto Detect AND Locate a wide range of bug devices such as...

All Wireless Tapping Devices
All Wired & Wireless Cameras
All Telephone Wire Taps
All Vehicle GPS Tracking Transmitters




Bug Prevention / White Noise Generator

The Spy Matrix Pro Sweep can also foil attempts to bug you by generating background "White Noise" in the 40 ~ 50 dB range. This is comfortable for the human ear but wreaks havoc on bugging activities using...

Laser Tapping

Voice Recorders

Parabolic Reflectors




Indoor White Noise

Music File Replay

Combination of White Noise and Music to Combat Bug Devices


Telephone Tap Detection and Prevention

Detects Wire Taps
Detects Illegal Phone Bridging




Laser Tap Detection

Laser tapping is a method of surveillance where lasers are trained on your window from outside. The laser then measures the vibration on the window and the wave pattern is then converted to voice so spies can eavesdrop without even having equipment inside the room.

The Spy Matrix Pro Sweep protects your sensitive information by detecting invasive laser tapping tactics.


Camera Detection

To detect hidden camera surveillance the Spy Matrix Pro Sweep emits light which is then reflected from hidden camera lenses.

The Pro Sweep will then indicate the presence of hidden cameras and you can also see the reflected light with your own eyes.




The equipment in this incredible package is the exact same superior quality we sell to top Government, private investigation and security agencies such as:

CIA fbiseal state

You Don't HAVE To Be A Victim Of Invasive Surveillance Activities Any Longer

Get The Spy Matrix Pro Sweep Bug Detector Today And Protect Your Privacy!


No Risk 14 Day Guarantee:


Your investment is fully backed by our 100% "no questions asked" guarantee. If you aren't completely satisfied simply return the product within 14 days and we'll issue a refund according to site policy less respective restock fee.
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Retail Price: $799.00

Only $495 Complete!

Spy Matrix® PRO SWEEP Bug Detector Wire Tap & GPS Detector Sweep    
google_cat:  Business & Industrial > Law Enforcement
 $495.00  Qty:

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If you are unsure of the laws in your state consult legal counsel for the interpretation of applicable laws.
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