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P.I. Audio Bug and Counter Surveillance Equipment Pro Package

Price : $1,195.00
Item #:      SA-ProKit


Back by Popular Demand our SA-ProKit

This High Quality PRO Grade TSCM Scan & Sweep Kit is HIGHLY Recommended for any new

Private Investigator wanting to make an investment in great equipment!

You get 3 Products as a Complete Package - All for One Price of only: $1,195.00
Spy Matrix PRO SWEEP Bug Detector, Wire Tap & GPS Detector Sweep
Spy Matrix PRO SWEEP Bug Detector, Wire Tap & GPS Detector Sweep

Spy-MAX CD Pro Scan Wireless Camera Hunter Scanner Detector
Spy-MAX CD Pro Scan Wireless Camera Hunter Scanner Detector

Spy Hawk Maxi-Tech Pocket Pro
Spy Hawk Maxi-Tech Pocket Pro "Defender" Personal Bug Sweep Detector

No other Company in the Surveillance Industry has a quality package like this

See below why this is a must have Surveillance Purchase

P.I. Audio Bug and Counter Surveillance Equipment Pro Package

SA-ProKit TCSM NEW Professional Counter Surveillance Package

The SA-ProKit is the finest Counter Surveillance Wireless Bug Detection product in the Security Industry.

Will detect and locate ALL of these Spy Products all around us:

Wireless Video Spy Cameras
Audio Transmitters
In-Line Telephone Recording Devices
Telephone Transmitters
Transmitting "Body Wires"
Live GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices detected
Any Concealed Eavesdropping Transmitters as well as any "INFINITY" Listening Devices Guaranteed to be detected


Retail Price: $2,000
You Save: 40%

Only $1,195.00 Complete!

No matter where we go today you always hear about someone watching others activities.

Especially today all over the news we hear that others or Big Brother may be  listening to our private communications and conversations.

Eavesdropping technology continues to improve and is all over the internet. So all those creeps and perverts need to be stopped. The numbers don't lie, every day the number of "eavesdropping snoops" and "unauthorized listeners" continues to grow.

Employers, Nosey Neighbors, Jealous Husbands, Jealous Wives, Government Agencies, Law Enforcement, Corporations  . . . are ALL Guilty of doing it.

This is why our SA-ProKit packages 3 of the most powerful audio counter surveillance and video counter-surveillance equipment available in the market!

ALL transmitting eavesdropping devices are no longer a problem with these protective units

Spy Hawk Maxi-Tech Pocket Pro SA-DD802: Spy Hawk Maxi-Tech Pocket Pro "Defender" Personal Bug Sweep Detector

The SA-DD802 instantly alerts you "silently" when transmitting eavesdropping devices are within range

Body Worn Transmitters
Hidden Bugs and Transmitters
Hidden Cameras

The SA-DD802 is an exciting New Product. Our Security Engineers has done a great job with this unit.

Small in size: 3 1/2" x 2 1/4" x 1 1/4" yet Powerful in performance

You'll be secretly alerted via the 10 Bar LED light the instant any type of Unauthorized Eavesdropping Transmitter is anywhere within it's vicinity.

Each time a wireless transmitter is detected, you will verify it's existence by the bright red LED which will start blinking, allowing for a silent verification of signal.

Get it now

Spy-MAX CD Pro Scan Wireless Camera Hunter Scanner DetectorSA-CDPRO: Spy-MAX CD Pro Scan Wireless Camera Hunter Scanner Detector

The SA-CDPRO is an Automatic Wireless Video Frequency Scanner which automatically "Locks-In" on the exact frequency of any Analog Transmitting Wireless Camera in range.

Instantly reveals BOTH the Video & Audio of such camera immediately therefore showing where the Hidden Camera location is.

The accurate Digital LED Displays instantly indicates the precise frequency of any Eavesdropping Transmitter and eliminates any transient signals that at times are know to confuse other detectors.

This unit is a favorite choice for Private Detectives, Bodyguards, Corporate Security , Law Enforcement, as well as Military.

Convenient output jack also allows for input into any DVR recorder and proves invaluable for the recording of any Video detected, including all intercepted audio.

Get it now

Spy Matrix PRO SWEEP Bug Detector, Wire Tap & GPS Detector Sweep SA-DD801: Spy Matrix PRO SWEEP Bug Detector, Wire Tap & GPS Detector Sweep

If you require PROTECTION against Electronic Telephonic Monitoring Devices and also require COMPLETE CONFIDENTIAL PRIVACY in certain rooms and areas, we highly recommend the SA-DD801.

This is our Best Selling Audio Counter-Surveillance and Counter Surveillance Equipment

The Ultimate Handheld Bug Sweep Detection Equipment

The Spy Matrix PRO SWEEP quickly "homes-in" on any eavesdropping device and immediately pinpoints its location via the 10 Bar LED display, which lights up like a Christmas Tree when coming within range of all Radio Frequency transmitters.

The Spy Matrix PRO SWEEP will provide the absolute maximum degree of protection possible today against all types of telephone taps and room bugs at ranges up to 35 - 50 ft.

No technical knowledge is required, simply follow the step by step instructions which assures easy operation. .

Unit is completely silent operation which allows for entirely covert "sweeps". When doing this you can introduce false information on purpose to reveal the eavesdroppers identity when they slip up by divulging the false information leaked.,

Even the "Newest Super Bugs" are located easily

"Burst Bugs" are known to store information and transmit in rapid signal bursts.

Detects Transmitting Video Spy Cameras
Hidden Video Spy Cameras are all over the place.
SA-DD801 immediately warns you if anyone, anywhere, is covertly Video-Taping you, using any type of transmitting Hidden Spy Camera.

You read about this happens every day, more frequently than you could ever imagine. Now you can have complete protection from this potential invasion of your privacy.

Detects ALL Live GPS Tracking Devices which are also more common than most believe
The latest GPS Tracking Devices allow the Eavesdropper to watch your every movement made by you and your vehicle. On his computer, he can actually see each and every place you've visited (including the addresses), and exactly how long you've stayed at each location. However, the DD801 will immediately alert you of the Tracking Device and quickly locate it, no matter where it's hidden on your vehicle.
Infinity Phone Taps will be detected using the built in anti-tap feature
Has the unique capability which allows you to "LISTEN-IN" to every
word and sound that an eavesdropper is hearing if and when on phone line.
Captures all RF signals transmitting within range, alerting you to their existence
Quick and Instant Detection of all RF
Quickly pinpoints the exact location of any eavesdropping device.
Simple to Use Operation

Get it now

The SA-ProKit is a complete Counter Surveillance Package for all your Counter Surveillance Detection and protection. Includes all 3 of these items: SA-DD802, SA-CDPRO, SA-DD801, Headphones, Telephone Adapters, Batteries and complete easy to follow, step by step instructions on how to use.

The Audio Counter Surveillance and Video Counter Surveillance Equipment in incredible package is exactly what is used to Top Law Enforcement, Security Agencies and Private Investigation companies,

Dallas Police Dept.
U.S. Dept. of Defense
U.S. State Dept.
United Nations
Many Fortune 500 companies

No Risk 14 Day Guarantee:

Your investment is fully backed by our 100% "no questions asked" guarantee. If you aren't completely satisfied simply return the product within14 days and we'll issue a refund according to site policy.



Call Us Toll Free 1-888-288-0543 or Email Us Anytime (
We answer emails 7 days a week

Dealer Inquiries Welcome! Call For Multiple Unit Purchases.

P.I. Audio Bug and Counter Surveillance Equipment Pro Package    
google_cat:  Business & Industrial > Law Enforcement
 $1,195.00  Qty:

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If you are unsure of the laws in your state consult legal counsel for the interpretation of applicable laws.
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