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Spy Hawk® Pro Bug Detector and Telephone Tap Detector

Retail : $497.50
Sale : $347.50
Item #:      SA-SHPRO


Detect and Locate ALL Bug Detectors and Major Wireless Eavesdropping Devices Including:

SPY HAWK PRO - RF BUG DETECTOR & PHONE TAP DETECTOR(Note: Actual Color of unit is Black)
  • GPS Vehicle & Personnel Tracking Devices

  • Transmitting Video Cameras (Spy-Cams)

  • "Series" and "Parallel" Telephone Transmitters

  • Bumper Beepers, Body Transmitters

  • Computer and Fax Eavesdropping Devices

  • ALL types of "infinity" devices


Could someone be "LISTENING-IN" or WATCHING You?

Get The Spy Hawk® Pro Bug Detector Now To Protect Yourself AND Your Loved One's From BOTH Wired & Wireless Cameras & Audio Bugs

Don't believe for a minute that listening devices are only used by secret government agencies.

If you fear that your rooms may be bugged, under video surveillance or your telephones tapped, then the Spy Hawk® Pro Bug Detector and Telephone Tap Detector is exactly what you need to combat all of the latest techniques now employed by today's eavesdroppers.

Cam Shots


Women Now can Also - -
Stop Those Hidden Cameras!




Countless private investigators, security forces, police departments and government agencies use the Spy Hawk® Pro RF Bug Detector & Phone Tap Detector because of its extremely high detection frequency range and sensitivity... including:

LA Police Department
United Nations
Dallas Police Department
Chicago Transit Authority
Environmental Protection Agency
U.S. Department of Defense

        ... and, many, many more use the SpyHawk Pro!

This is NOT Just Another Transmitter Detector!


Virtually all the other "detectors" have a maximum effective top frequency detection range of about 3GHz. A few "cheap toys" promise, but never deliver, the higher frequencies.

But, today's Eavesdroppers are not fools. They've seen this and have now raised the Transmitting Frequency of their Bugs And Telephone Taps to above 3GHz.

Eavesdroppers very effectively evade detection and continue to eavesdrop on unsuspecting individuals that have been deceived into thinking that they were protected.

But the SpyHawk Pro has a higher detection range than conventional bug detectors and can detect even the newest surveillance equipment all the way to 9GHz!

Beware the "INFINITY" Device!

(A.K.A Hook-Switch Bypass, Third Wire Tap, Harmonica Bug, etc.)

SpyHawk Pro also detects the "INFINITY" device.

Not only does it quickly and easily detect the very latest Transmitters, the SpyHawk Pro also detects one of the most popular devices used by today's eavesdroppers known as the "INFINITY" Device.

Eavesdroppers Now Monitor Your Confidential Conversations With Your Telephone "Down on the Hook!"

Everyone is aware of the widespread eavesdropping presently used to monitor telephone conversations and very few individuals now speak freely on the telephone.

You know it . . . We know it . . . The government knows it . . .

He knows that he will learn very little "useful" information by monitoring your telephone conversations. So now, over 95% of the time he doesn't even try!


He knows that while you won't speak freely on the telephone anymore, whenever your telephone is "Down on the hook", your guard is also down.

You'll speak confidentially to your wife . . . your partner . . . your attorney . . . and usually give little, if any, thought to eavesdropping.

THAT is when you are most vulnerable. And, THAT is exactly when today's eavesdropper now strikes!

Very few eavesdroppers plant a transmitter and patiently sit 300 to 1,000 ft away from the subject and remotely monitor a receiver. That is far too costly, time consuming and just plain uncomfortable.

Eavesdroppers would much rather monitor your premises whenever and from wherever they choose!

And, that is precisely what the many variations of the INFINITY Device allows them to do.

The Eavesdropper simply calls your telephone number and using a variety of electronic methods, prevents your telephone from ringing and then turns your telephone into a sensitive Listening Device. Now the eavesdropper can Listen-In to all the conversations and even the slightest whispers in the room where the telephone (still on the hook) silently sits.

AND, He Doesn't even Need Access to Your Premises!

The SpyHawk Pro quickly detects All types of INFINITY Devices and provides complete protection by immediately revealing their presence.

head setNot only does it detect a concealed INFINITY device, the Super-Sensitive Digital Headphones included will also allow you to actually "LISTEN-IN" to everything that the Eavesdropper is monitoring.

phone jack
And, for all the telephone tests, it connects into the telephone line just as easily
as plugging in an extension telephone.

If you want to protect your privacy, this is absolutely the best all around, most economical, effective, Bug and Telephone Tap Detector available

Super Sensitive Headphones  

allow you to "Listen In" to everything the eavesdropper is monitoring.

Advanced Detection  

Quickly detects Analog and Digital Phone taps, Room bugs, Hidden Camera's, GPS Vehicle tracking devices

"Infinity Device" Detection

Also detects the devastating "INFINITY DEVICE"


Our exclusive proprietary circuitry makes it possible for the antenna to be completely concealed inside the Detector. Almost all other effective Detectors require an external antenna making it almost impossible to conduct covert sweeps when searching in sensitive areas, or for concealed cameras (Spy-Cams).

Package Includes:

1 SpyHawk Pro Bug and Telephone Tap Detector
1 Headphones
1 Quick Start Guide

Bonus:  (VALUE: $39.95)

FREE White Noise Generator

We'll also include a Free "White Noise" Generator CD that masks all audible speech and effectively defeats all types of Eavesdropping Devices that use any type of microphone for sound pick-up including Digital Recorders, Hard-Wired Microphones, distant Parabolic/Shotgun Mikes including all types of "Micro-Wave" and "Laser" Listening Devices.

If you are unfamiliar with "White Noise", the frequencies generated override the normal audio frequencies to create a deadening effect that effectively "covers" and hides the conversation from all would be Eavesdroppers.

. . .The CD can be played on any CD player or computer.
Unique New "WHITE NOISE" Generator Jumbles Audio and Prevents Eavesdropping!
FREE "White Noise" Generator Included!

Limited Time - Act Now!

Low Investment:

List Price: $497.50

BUY IT NOW for Only $347.50!

No Risk 30 Day Guarantee:


Your investment is fully backed by our 100% "no questions asked" guarantee.  If you aren't completely satisfied simply return the product within 30 days and we'll issue a refund according to site policy.
Enter the quantity desired in the box below and click "add to cart" to continue.


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We answer emails 7 days a week

Dealer Inquiries Welcome!  Call For Multiple Unit Purchases.

Spy Hawk® Pro Bug Detector and Telephone Tap Detector    
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